Monthly Service and Support

For your convenience, you can purchase blocks of time for maintaining, updating, or customizing your current site. We can provide up to 20 hours of support blocks per week to ensure that we complete your project in a timely manner. Please call 310.293.4884 or email us at to request your service. Once we agree on the level of service you need, we can add your project to our schedule.
Turnaround times vary between projects, but you will be given an estimate at the time of scheduling your project. Typically:

  • Small projects or updates can be completed in 2-4 business days
  • Large projects can be completed in 4-10 business days

As soon as your project or update has been completed, we will email you for approval and give you the balance of support hours remaining. When your block of time is nearly exhausted – usually when 1-2 hours remain – we will let you know. We will also inform you with the status of any outstanding project(s).

$50/Month ~ 1 to 1.5 hours of work

Perfect for monthly maintenance.
Keep your WORDPRESS installation updated.
Add new text content and update existing content.
Billed monthly for a year.
10 hours @ $65/Hour
20 hours @ $50/Hour (SAVE $300)